5 Wood Wonders that will transform your Home/Office

Home renovations and construction are very complex activities, but both homeowners and suppliers strive to achieve the best results for their projects. In order to have a stunning outcome, it is essential that all the parties involved are well informed and can apply their knowledge and expertise to the planning and execution process.

At Floor It, we manufacture and supply home improvement products such as flooring, kitchen cabinetry, closets, doors among other items using the best selection of local hardwood species found in Guyana’s rainforest. These species have surpassed the quality benchmarks to produce durable and exquisite products that create a timeless elegance.

We take pride in collaborating and recommending suitable species from our selection, that adequately fulfills the needs of you our valued customers. Here are more insights into the hardwood species supplied by Floor It that can best suit your various home improvement needs:

Wood Wonder #1- Ipe

Ipe, also known as Washiba/ Brazilian Walnut stems from the forested areas of Central & South America. It is classified as one of the most durable hardwood species for various reasons such as:

-water-resistant capabilities as a result of its high density.

-it is naturally resistant to insects, mould, and rotting.

-Ipe has insulating capabilities which will be great for outdoor settings since it wouldn’t absorb the sun’s rays.

-Ipe has a Class A rating in terms of fire resistance ( this means that fire can consume Ipe at a very slow rate similar to concrete and steel)

Colour: Ipe has variations in its colour. The variations lie between light golden brown to dark brown.

Uses: Outdoor Decking, Bridges, Outdoor kitchen, Outdoor furniture, Interior Flooring

Wood Wonder #2- Greenheart

Greenheart is a widely used hardwood specie found predominantly in South America. It is also popularly known for its durability – being the main reason behind a common preference for heavy-duty and marine construction.

Colour: Greenheart varies from pale olive to green

Uses: Greenheart is mainly used for heavy-duty construction work such as sea defense, boardwalks, piers, bridges. However its versatility does not stop there it can be used for beautiful architectural pieces such as decking, cladding, and flooring.

Wood Wonder #3- Purpleheart

Purpleheart is a distinct hardwood specie known for its purple undertones. It is found in Central and South America. Classified as one of the most durable hardwood species that is preferred for heavy construction projects. Its durability comes from various properties such as its resistance to a majority of insect attacks, etc.

Colour: As stated before, its best known for its purple undertones. Purpleheart varies in colour from a dull grey with purple undertones to dark brown colour with a hint of purple. Most times carrying an eggplant shade.

NOTE: Spirit based finishes will remove the purple color. While, lacquer based finishes will preserve the color.

Uses: Accent pieces, Flooring, Furniture, Cabinetry, Bridges, Boardwalks, etc.

Wood Wonder #4- Jatoba/Locust

Jatoba/ Locust is commonly found in the Americas. Jatoba, like most hardwood species, is considered very durable especially with its ability to resist insect attacks. However it is not as dense as the other options but with installation and treatment over time, it can produce the same longevity that the other species would naturally provide.

Colour: Jatoba has a deep red colour. The shades vary from brown with light orange undertones to dark brown with red undertones. It must be noted that Jatoba changes colour rapidly when compared to other species of wood.

Uses: Indoor & Outdoor Flooring, Doors, Kitchen cabinetry

Wood Wonder #5- Demerara Oak

Demerara Oak, also known as Darina is a highly versatile and durable specie of hardwood known for its termite and decay-resistant properties.

Colour: Demerara Oak ranges in its brown shades with orange to red undertones.

Uses: Flooring, Cabinetry, Furniture

These are the five species of hardwood popularly supplied by Floor It and are widely used around the world. These hardwood species have proven their versatility, durability and beauty in various areas of construction. So, if you are looking for exquisite hardwood produced at a premium quality that will last for generations, then contact us for a quote and let us put your plans into motion!

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